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My one-stop creations for licensing
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Industrial Rock Trailer Style Tracks

Industrial Rock Style Tracks

Rock/Grunge/PostPunk Album

Quick Listen PreviewZombiero Martin
00:00 / 04:11

Instrumental Art-Rock/Broken/Electronic Album

* And the below track is the original version of the DayZ video game menu music (Steam, Xbox, Playstation), before it was edited to be the main menu music. (non-exclusive)

Cinematic/Classical Instrumental Works

Pop/Rock Singles

CrushBryan Gandola
00:00 / 02:53
Can't Take My LoveDiego Zeta
00:00 / 02:55

* And here is a link to 15 more of my works which were already licensed exclusively.  I am just showcasing them here to demonstrate the possibilities if you need me to write new and original guitar works such as these at Hudebni Banka.

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